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Red Light Therapy Mask - Skin Rejuvenation LED Mask - LED Face Mask - LED Light Therapy Acne Mask

Red Light Therapy Mask - Skin Rejuvenation LED Mask - LED Face Mask - LED Light Therapy Acne Mask

Get amazingly soft, beautiful, and healthy skin with this cutting-edge LED Light Therapy Face Mask. 

Your best way to get perfectly moisturized youthful skin at the comfort of your home! 


  • The ultimate way to have beautiful, healthy skin.    This is the ultimate skincare device. It comes with a color change remote that allows you to choose from 7 different colors to target different skin concerns:
    1. White Light:   It can penetrate the skin deeply. It helps to accelerate the tissue metabolism, decomposition of color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and aging skin. 
    2. Clear Blue Light It can enhance cell energy gradually, and has good metabolism facilitating effects. 
    3. Blue Light:   It helps kill Porphyrins. In addition, the blue light has calm action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.
    4. Green Light:   For uneven and pigmented skin tones, to reduce mild breakouts and improve overall skin tone. Improve aging skin. Reduce skin grease secretion and lightens skin tone. 
    5. Yellow Light:   It can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, replenish their energy, decomposing pigment, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces wrinkles and rough skin.
    6. Red Light:  Stimulates the growth of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein that is used to repair damaged tissues and to replace old tissues. It can remove fine lines and shrink pores. 
    7. Purple Light:  Combines red light and blue light, which has two phototherapy effects. Particularly it has a good effect on repairing acne.  
  • Customized skincare.   Customize your treatment depending on your skin concerns. The different color LEDs allow you to treat your skin’s needs. The mask will fit seamlessly into your skincare routine and enhance the products you already use. Your best skin treatment at home!

  • Tightens your skin.  This light therapy mask comes with a safe microcurrent design that helps to lift and tighten your skin. It also helps make your chin lines tighter. Look beautiful and youthful because you're worth it! 

  • Quality LED.   This face mask comes with 192 high-quality narrow spectra LED chips that have large output energy. Its 360 non-blinding LED light can effectively penetrate the skin, resulting in better cosmetic results.

  • Dual eye protection.   In addition to the anti-blinding LED light, this skin acne mask also comes with an external opaque forehead pad. It further helps to protect your eyes from the light stimulus. It adds a second layer of eye protection measure outside the independent eye mask. 

  • Completely safe.   This type of LED light treatment is recognized by the FDA as safe and effective phototherapy. 

  • Easy to use remote.   The remote control that comes with this light therapy mask has intuitive buttons that are very simple and user-friendly. You can easily adjust the timer of your therapy, brightness, start or stop and change the color mode.

Product specifications

  • Model Number: R-201
  • Operating Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Number of led lights: 192 pcs of lights 


    1. Do not increase the exposure beyond 30 minutes.
    2. You can use it twice a day but at a 6-hour interval at least.
    3. Not for patients who have epilepsy, bleeding tendencies, scars, severe skin infections, and other skin problems. 
    4. If you have got a facial plastic implant, please refrain from using this mask for at least 1 month.
    5. Do not drink alcohol, eat spicy food, seafood, and other high-protein food for at least 24 hours after use. 
    6. This is not a waterproof mask
    7. Read the manual carefully

    Package includes

    • 1x LED Light Therapy face mask
    • 1x Remote Control
    • 1x Power Cable

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