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July 08, 2021

If you are wondering if you are wondering if a tricycle is something for you, please read the blog articleWhy to choose an adult tricycle.

Riding a tricycle is actually pretty simple, because there is basically nothing to learn, you just sit and peddle. You do not need to learn how to balance or anything like that. That being said, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

1) You need more space to turn.

Tricycles have a wider turn radius, given you have 3 wheels, so you need more space to turn. Therefore we recommend you practice before going out on a longer ride, or going out on a busy street. Just to get you familiar with how much space you are going to need to turn.  

2) You will have extra weight.

On the one hand, mounting a bike is easier, because you do not need to be able to have your toes on the ground, or to balance. It is pretty much stable, it is going to be almost the same as sitting in a chair.

On the other hand, it is going to be harder biking uphill because you will have more weight than you would have with a normal bike.    

3) The seat is usually higher than a normal bike.

The seat is a little higher than a normal bike, but the great thing about a tricycle is that you don’t have to worry about putting your toes on the ground to stop. Therefore, you can have the seat a little bit higher. 

That makes it great, so you have full length extension of your legs, with the pedals, so you can sit upright, and your handles will be at a comfortable angle. You can sit upright and that makes your ride comfortable and stable.

So now you know everything to consider, it is time to start riding. The first thing you want to make sure of is that you are on level ground, so that the tricycle does not roll in any direction. Then you grip the left brake, and simply step though, and put one feed on a pedal, and then you just pop on the seat. If you are shorter, you can always use something to step up to to give you a little bit more height.

Before you go on longer rides, we suggest practicing in your neighborhood, or a wide empty parking lot, if available.

There are a few differences or things you might want to get used to, however, it is simple, only a few things to learn, but it is so much fun, the payoff is great.