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July 08, 2021

This blog article is mainly going to be applicable for small or medium size dogs. Our tricycle is a great option, because it has a pretty large basket. My dog Max, is pretty comfortable as he has been on many rides, however that might not be the case for your dog, so i recommend you to pair the basket with something comfortable like a blanket or a dog bed.

Another consideration is that you take off the basket and put it in the house so your dog gets used to it in that way.

Once your dog is comfortable sitting in the basket attached to the bike, you can start with motion. First you want to take it slow, by just walking with the bike. So you start with just walking the bike. Just to get your dog comfortable with the basket, 

One thing you might want to consider is to tie your dog to the basket.

This is not always needed, but you probably know best. Max dog max likes to chase anything he sees, like a bird or another dog. I use a seatbelt for dogs, which is like 50 cm, so it is not super tight, but it keeps him secure. It also gives me peace of mind, because I cannot see him all the time when riding.

We recommend that in the beginning keep your rides short and don’t go too fast, don’t bounce over anything that might frighten the dog. Over time you can increase your speed, and introduce some bumps. Make sure to give a lot of positive reinforcement along the way, and have fun!